Erich Sailer

Erich Sailer's 50-Year Legacy

Erich at Hood

Over the past half century, few coaches in America have had such an impact nationally and internationally on alpine ski racing as Erich Sailer. As a junior coach for fifty-one years, Erich has coached over 25,000 young skiers and U.S. Ski Team members, many of whom have competed with the National Team in World Cup competitions and in the Olympics. During his coaching career, Sailer founded four popular and effective racing programs; one at his home resort of Buck Hill, MN, and three ski racing camps, including Mt. Hood, Oregon, Red Lodge, Montana, and Hintertux, Austria. In 2005, Erich Sailer, was inducted into the U.S. National Ski Hall of Fame, and has inspired dozens of world-class competitors to become coaches.

Erich was instrumental in the designation on the Buck Hill Ski Racing Team receiving the 2008 Club of the Year.

You can learn more about Erich's career and contributions to alpine skiing here.

"Creating champions in ski racing and in life!"           

- USSS Ski Hall of Fame Coach Erich Sailer