Chuck Stone Memorial Race

Chuck Stone Memorial Race

Charles W. (Chuck) Stone Jr. 1931-1994 

Every Christmas, ski racers from around the country return home to be with their families in Minnesota. This creates an incredible opportunity to host the best competitive ski- racing field the sport has to offer and is why Buck Hill hosts the Chuck Stone Memorial Race every year around the Christmas holiday.

Athletes compete each year to attempt to get their name on the coveted Chuck Stone Memorial Trophy named in memory of Buck Hill's founder, Chuck Stone.

This year we are excited to announce we will host a fun two-day U19/FIS series.  This will be a three-run format, and perhaps the first-time ever this type of event will be hosted in the United States!  This will be an exciting event to compete in, and watch right here at Buck Hill! 

Mark your calendars now. 

December 22 & 23, 2020

Buck Hill