This year, we teamed up with MyConsignmentManager​ to offer a computer based system for our tent sale.

You will need to set-up a free account by clicking this link to the MyCM Buck Hill Portal​. ​

Please note this link and be sure to always use the ​MyCM Buck Hill Portal​ to take you directly to the appropriate page.  Navigating directly to will produce different menus and options than those described below.

Here is a continued step-by-step process to get your items entered and ready for drop-off!

Be sure to enter a valid mailing address so you can receive your check​ at the end of the sale.

Once your account is set-up, login through the ​MyCM Buck Hill Portal​ with your username and password.  Please note they are case sensitive.  Go to “Manage Items”. (See the screenshots below).

Under “Manage Items”, you may add items to the swap and check the status of your items after the sale ends. You will add items to the electronic inventory by clicking “Add”, then choosing a category (Clothing, Helmet, Snow Ski, etc.) from the dropdown menu. The next menu is the item’s size. If the size of your item is available from the drop down menu use it, if not, put size information in the Description area. Also, in the description field include information that would be useful if your tag accidentally becomes separated from the item and needs to be re-attached (Color is helpful, i.e., “blue spyder suit”). [See the screenshots at the end of this document]

Please note: the Description field is limited to approximately 25 characters including spaces, and we highly recommend not using capital letters.

Prices are whole numbers only. Pricing & size recommendation guides are located under the FAQ's on the main Event/Tent Sale page.

If you check the DONATE box, we will donate that item to charity after the sale if it does not sell.

The last drop down box would be used if you have multiple items that are exactly the same with the same price (uncommon).

When all of your items are entered, you are ready to print tags! Please print your tags at home on normal 8.5 X 11 paper, but ​do not​ attach them to your items. When printing, select the “​Full Tag​-​8 tags per page”​ option from the dropdown menu. This will generate a pdf file to be downloaded then printed. If you navigate directly to, you will be asked for a print code. If that happens, please login at the ​MyCM Buck Hill Portal​ and print your tags.

Come to Buck Hill (15400 Buck Hill Road, Burnsville, MN) with your printed tags and sale items during one of our designated drop off times as follows:

Sunday, September 20th 4-8pm,

Tuesday, September 22nd, 4-8pm or

Thursday, September 24th, 9am-8pm

The drop off will be a drive through; please follow the signs posted in the parking lot. Volunteers will direct you where to park, they will collect your items and scan your tags. Now your items are checked in and will be placed in the sale!

There is a $5 charge per item that is collected at drop off. Credit card payment is preferred.

A 20% commission is collected if the item sells.

All proceeds benefit the non-profit Buck Hill Ski Racing Club.

We are committed to ensuring the safety of our team members and customers is a top priority to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.

A full preparedness plan can be found in the FAQ by clicking here.

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