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Buck Hill Ski Racing Team Update

Another ski season has now begun. We are on our way to having another successful year for the Buck Hill Ski Racing Team!  Our coaching staff continues to maintain the level of excellence that enabled the team to be awarded Gold Podium Certification and 2008 Ski Team of the Year. The team is proud of these awards and is determined to build on the recognition with more success in the upcoming year.  We hope you take a moment to look though our Team's website and find it easy to navigate as well as informative.  However, if you have further questions, or if you’re a new member unfamiliar with the program, we encourage you to contact Erich Sailer, Program Director, Colby Lund, Assistant Program Director, or Jacob Olsen, Team Administrator.

Team Registration Open Now!


Follow the link below to register for the 2017-18 season. 


Buck Hill Team Registration

2017/18 Club Registration is now open!


Follow the link below for club registration. 

Incoming Board of Directors

The club had its annual meeting Saturday, May 14th and elected the Board of Directors for the coming year:
Mike Rost, President  

Vice President, Jeff Wock

Treasurer, Rick Shideman

Secretary, Brian George

Karleen Westermeyer

Kevin Weigel

Mark Pendergast

Tom Wentworth

John Olson


Thank you to the departing BOD members who have done a heck of a lot of work on all of our behalves serving these past several years:  especially Dave Abott, former President, and Debbie Zeller, former Secretary.

As always if you have any concerns, feedback or want to volunteer to be part of one of the committees - by all means we want to hear from you.

Buck Hill Ski Racing Club awarded Gold

We are proud to announce that the Buck Hill Ski Racing Club has been awarded Gold certification!

Only 10 clubs were podium certified in the Nation.  We were the only Central club and were 1 out of 8 awarded Gold.  Podium certification recognizes your club’s excellence in organizational success, athletic education and athletic performance.

Thank you Erich for building a strong team with exceptional leadership!  Thank you to those that put so much time into the certification process- Colby Lund, Jeff Olejnik, Tony Steel and Tasha.  Thank you to all of the coaching staff that pours their heart into helping the kids be their best!  Thank you board for supporting and carrying on the foundation this team was built on!  And thank you Nancy Stone, owner of Buck Hill, for the opportunity to have the Buck Hill Ski Racing Team!

Our team concussion policy

Below is the concussion policy letter/form that you will need if your racer has a suspected concussion at our training or races.  It will need to be filled out by a licensed health care provider who is trained in the evaluation or management of a concussion. 

If we suspect your racer has a concussion on the hill, we will contact you as the parents and you will need to get this form filled out that your racer has been cleared before he/she will be able to come back training with us.  As noted on the sheet, it might take up to 48hrs to get the clearance from USSA. 

Safety is very important to us and there is no one more conscious of this than Erich.

Concussions Education and Training

The Buck Hill Ski Club has adopted a policy to provide information and education to all members on the risks and policies of concussions to its members.  The Club suggests that all parents complete Heads Up: Concussions in Youth Sports provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  We highly encourage all parents to learn about concussions through this program as well as the additional resources provided below.


USSA Sport Education Video

USSA Sport Education hosted three presentations for USSA parents, one for each region. The recorded presentation is now available for all parents, along with highlighted excerpts covering key points, on the webpage link above.