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Article for all of you to read

BH racers, As I always said, your circumstances are also your opportunity and that's why the BH team is the best in the Midwest ,1000 gates a day. Erich

Race day expectations

Warm-up courses will be ready to run by 7:30 so we encourage you to be at the hill by 7am.  It is always a good idea to take a few runs in the warm-up course as it gives you a good feel for your edges and gets you moving (if you have a race ski, always take a few turns or a full warm-up run on those skis before the race.  You want to go out of the starting gate knowing exactly how that ski is going to feel on the snow conditions that day).   

Inspection for the races, there will always be a coach available to inspect with you.  Look for the coaches in our blue team jackets.  You are welcome to inspect on your own also. 

Race run, please get to the start 5-10 minutes before your race run.  You want to have time to get organized at the start, get a course report from the coach and get your outer clothing off without being rushed.

Start intervals for slalom the starter will say GO and you go after they say go.  For GS the starter will say 10 seconds, 54321 and you can go anytime after 5.  If you have questions, ask your coach at the start.

For GS, Super-G and Downhill if you stop you are done with your race run and are not allowed to finish the course.

For Slalom if you stop you can continue but if you get passed you are done with your race run.  For new members, you can hike in slalom and we will show you how it must be done at practice.  If it is not done properly you will get disqualified.  If a racer is in your way or there is a gate out you can stop for a rerun, but do not go through the finish.  We will help you find an official and they will have you take another run. 

It is highly recommended that you take your chin guard off your helmet for GS and speed events.

If you have any questions, ask the coaches at practice or at the race. 

We are excited for the races to start!  Give it your best and keep up the hard work!

few more items for race days

We are off to a terrific start in our races! 

Here are a few more items for race days:

If you want to inspect with a coach, wait at the top when inspection starts.  We will have coaches going through the course continually.  If you inspect on your own, it is a good idea to ask the coaches after you inspect on what they see in the course and their advice for the run.

If you want feedback after your race run, please come to the coach by the finish line.  Many of you ski right by and never stop to talk with us. 

If you miss a gate in slalom and choose to hike, please remember that you need to loop around the gate. 

If you miss a gate in slalom and decide to hike, remember you need to loop around the gate.  I have posted a diagram in the club room.  Please take a close look at it so we do not have any more disqualifications from improper hiking.

Also, if you do hike , you need to look up before you start skiing the course.  If you see a racer coming you are not allowed to finish and need to abandon the course.  Please do not go in front of another racer coming down.  This applies to practice also as it is dangerous for the racer behind you to ski gates that are still moving.

Reminder- you are representing the Buck Hill Ski Team when at races, practices and out on the ski hill.  Please watch your behavior, language and attitudes as we stand for being the best in all areas- not just winning races.

For the older racers, you are role models for the younger racers and they are watching you.  Please keep this in mind when you are amongst them.  

Buck Hill Ski Racing Team Update

Another ski season has now begun. We hope to have another successfu year for the Buck Hill Ski Club!  Our coaching staff continues to maintain the level of excellence that enabled the team to be awarded the 2008 Ski Team of the Year. The team is proud of the Award and is determined to build on the recognition with more success in the upcoming year.  We hope you take a moment to look though our Club's website and find it easy to navigate as well as informative.  However, if you have further questions, or if you’re a new member unfamiliar with the program, we encourage you to contact Erich Sailer, Program Director, Colby Lund, Assistant Program Director or Tasha McCrank, Club Administrator.


Our team concussion policy

Below is the concussion policy letter/form that you will need if your racer has a suspected concussion at our training or races.  It will need to be filled out by a licensed health care provider who is trained in the evaluation or management of a concussion. 

If we suspect your racer has a concussion on the hill, we will contact you as the parents and you will need to get this form filled out that your racer has been cleared before he/she will be able to come back training with us.  As noted on the sheet, it might take up to 48hrs to get the clearance from USSA. 

Safety is very important to us and there is no one more conscious of this than Erich.

Concussions Education and Training

The Buck Hill Ski Club has adopted a policy to provide information and education to all members on the risks and policies of concussions to its members.  The Club suggests that all parents complete Heads Up: Concussions in Youth Sports provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  We highly encourage all parents to learn about concussions through this program as well as the additional resources provided below.


Upcoming Events

  • Apr
  • 27
Buck Hill Spring Physical Fitness Assessment
  • 9:00am-12:00pm (CDT)
  • Olson Middle School, 4551 West 102nd Street Bloomington
  • What: Athletes will be assessed in the following-

                     Box Jump

                    20 Meter Shuttle Run

                    Sit and Reach

                    Vertical Jump

                    400 meter dash

                    Leveled Sit up test

                    Push up test

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  • Apr
  • 27
Buck Hill Ski Team banquet
  • 5:30pm- 9:00pm (CDT)
  • Buck Hill
  • Social hour starts at 5:30 and dinner/program starts at 6:30.



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USSA Sport Education Video

USSA Sport Education hosted three presentations for USSA parents, one for each region. The recorded presentation is now available for all parents, along with highlighted excerpts covering key points, on the webpage link above.