Race Day Info | Links 

The overall calendar for Central Region One, is posted on www.skifast.com.  This is the global site for all of the information pertaining to our specific regional races as a part of USSS (United States Ski & Snowboard).  

Races & Race Day Info

Central Region 1 has a “WhatsApp” group for non-scored and scored races.

You can join the group, and follow along during the race weekend for pertinent updates and information from the Region / Host organizers at Region 1 races.  Those are the races listed on the CR1 website and/or noted that way when you register in your portal.

Scored Telegram U16/U18/U21 Non-Scored Telegram U14/U12/U10/U8 FIS Whatsapp Group

Race day fact sheets and/or notices can be found within the race regions website.  A majority of the races will be through CR1.  These are generally posted a few days in advance of the race weekend on www.skifast.com.

Please volunteer For Races! 

Each race needs a number of volunteers in a variety of positions to make the race happen for our athletes.

You can sign-up through DIBS, on CR1 website.  This is posted prior to the race weekend.