Mission & Values

Mission & Values

"Creating champions in ski racing and in life."

                                                                                               - Erich Sailer


We support the Buck Hill Ski Racing Club members at all levels as they strive to achieve their individual goals.


We encourage the development of nationally and internationally competitive skiers who support the Buck Hill Ski Racing Club values, coaching staff, and benefit the entire club by providing competition and demonstration.


We advance the sport of alpine racing regionally, divisionally, and nationally which directly benefits our athletes and our program.

All donations are tax deductible as a charitable contribution to the fullest extent permitted by law.

World Class Coaching = World Class Athletes


Our Coaching Principles

The Buck Hill Ski Racing Team philosophy was built on a strong foundation of results with principles developed over the past 50 years.  These long-standing teaching techniques built on the unique aspects of a dedicated training hill for the team with the perfect pitch and a dedicated tow rope, which helps athletes gain repetitions night-after-night under the lights. 

Many of the current coaching staff skied on the Buck Hill Ski Racing Team in their youth, have been nationally ranked, and now are passing down their knowledge at the storied "slalom factory".  


The Buck Hill Ski Racing Team’s dedicated partnership is comprised of the executive director and coaches, the Buck Hill Ski Racing Club, and the Buck Hill Ski Resort.

Team Directors

The executive director, along with the head coaches, organizes top notch age class programs, pace setting athletes, athlete development, camps, schedules, and dryland training. The executive director coordinates the efforts of the three leadership partners and manages camps and out of division training opportunities and races for our athletes

Buck Hill Ski Racing Club

The Buck Hill Ski Racing Club, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, is a fundraising and support entity formed to support the very best in ski race training and development for our athletes. With the generous contributions of our sponsors, member volunteers, and donations from alumni and the ski racing community, each member benefits from our youth programs up to the FIS level and the US Ski Team. The Club also provides funding for scholarships, special equipment needs, camps, and out-of-division training expenses such as car rental, airline tickets, and hotels. These extra expenses far exceed the fees paid by team members.

Buck Hill Resort

The Buck Hill Ski Resort provides our dedicated training venue, and it carefully prepares our race training facility with first class snowmaking and grooming. The Buck Hill Ski Resort also provides our club room for athletes and maintains the rope tow, lifts, and the best equipment for on-site training.