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The overall calendar for Central Region One, is posted on www.skifast.com.  This is the global site for all of the information pertaining to our specific regional races as a part of USSS (United States Ski & Snowboard).  This website is generally the most up-to-date information on regional announcements, race information, and more.   We will work to have the calendar posted here as well as updates arise, but please refer to the CR1 website above for all up-to-date postings, and the app listed there for race day as well.


The Program Director, Assistant Director, and coaches review the CR1 calendar each season and make recommendations on races to participate in at each age group level.  This information will be shared at the season kick-off meeting on October 1, 2022 for the upcoming 2022-2023 season, and posted below.

Races & Race Day Info

Race Day Communication

Central Region 1 has begun a "WhatsApp" group for non-scored and scored race audiences.

You can join the group, and follow along during the race weekend for pertinent updates and information from the Region / Host organizers at Region 1 races.  Those are the races listed on the CR1 website and/or noted that way when you register in your portal.

Race Day Fact Sheets

Race day fact sheets and/or notices can be found within the race regions website.  A majority of the races will be through CR1.  These are generally posted a few days in advance of the race weekend on www.skifast.com.

There are races also hosted in other regions, like the Dan Nagy (R2), Nubs Nob (R3), and those regions distribute and/or post their race notices.  Links below to their sites.

The Buck Hill Coaching team will communicate prior to and during the race day via Team Snap to each respective age group and/or begin a channel specific to that race.

Race Registration

For 2022, race registration will close with the regular fee on the Tuesday prior.

Those registering on Wednesday, will incur late fees with the close at 11:59 pm that day.  Anyone interested in the race after the Wednesday close, should contact the race administrator.

Go to your MyUSSSA portal to register.

Please volunteer For Races! 

Each race needs a number of volunteers in a variety of positions to make the race happen for our athletes.

You can sign-up through DIBS, on CR1 website.  This is posted prior to the race weekend.


2022 Scored Seeding Update

For a select number of scored races, the first run start order will be seeded randomly. The second run start order will be a full reverse of the first run start order. The goal of this is to equalize the playing field, and challenge even our top athletes to perform from anywhere in the start list. This should also allow the majority of our athletes who are not consistently the fastest, to ski closer to those on the podium, potentially resulting in a lower point result. It is important to note that all races run in this format will still be scored within the U.S. Ski & Snowboard Points system.

For the full details, visit the CR1 Scored page for more details.